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Denver Counseling-Executive Life Coaching

New Book by Frances Forgione

Shine Like Stars: 

Daily Reflections to 

Discover Your Inner Light

Frances Forgione's new book is now available on Amazon - 

click here.

Heal from the Past.

Live in the Present.

Hope for the Future.

Sometimes we get stuck in past pain, present anxiety or future worries, losing sight of who we really are. We may hide from connection because we're afraid of being seen and known. Within us all, the most authentic part of who we are shines as brightly as the stars against the darkness of the night sky. Counseling is a discovery process as we walk together through the dark places and discover the True Self that waits to shine within us all. In this process, we find we can be seen, known and loved.


Counseling Services (Frances):

Individual, Couples & Families.  Primary specialty areas include:

* Depression & Anxiety, Suicidal ideation

* Addiction including Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders

* Trauma Therapy

* Grief & Loss

* Couples Counseling

Contact Frances for Professional Counseling Services

Executive Life Coaching (Bill): Using a co-creative process, for...

* Navigating through corporate challenges, pressures & stresses

* Job Transitions; Resume building; Interviewing skills

* Identifying Life Values, Pa‚Äčssions & Career Path

* Creative Strategies for Life Goals

* Personal coaching in personal & profession life and achieving balance * Breaking through personal obstacles that interfere with success

* Identifying your relational and skill strengths

* Leadership development and how to build company culture

Contact Bill for Executive Life Coaching

We seek to give you a place of acceptance to be right where you are, while you explore, heal and journey to become more fully the person you were meant to be as you write the story of your life!

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