Denver Counseling-Executive Life Coaching

NOTE: During COVID-19 Video Sessions are provided to keep all safe.

Healing from the Past.

Living in the Present.

Hoping for the Future.

Sometimes as we attempt to live fully in the present, we find ourselves stuck on things from the past...And have difficulty moving forward into the future.

The help of professional counseling, guidance and life coaching may help you discover and live out of your "true self" - that allows you to experience deeper fulfillment and purpose in both relationships and work.

Counseling Services (Frances):

We provide counseling services, for individuals, adolescents, married couples and families,for:

* Pre-Marital Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Divorce Recovery

* Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation

* Substance Abuse

* Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse

* Grief & Loss

* Trauma Therapy

* Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues

* Gender Identity Issues, Same-Sex Attraction

* Adoption & Unplanned Pregnancy Issues

* Parenting & Step-Parenting

* Dating Coaching & Relationship Skill Development

* Career & Job Uncertainty and Transition

* Spiritual Direction

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Executive Life Coaching (Bill): Using a co-creative process, for...

* Navigating through corporate challenges, pressures & stresses

* Job Transitions; Resume building; Interviewing skills

* Identifying Life Values, Pa‚Äčassions & Career Path

* Creative Strategies for Life Goals

* Personal coaching in personal & profession life and achieving balance * Breaking through personal obstacles that interfere with success

* Identifying your relational and skill strengths

* Leadership development and how to build company culture

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We seek to give you a place of acceptance to be right where you are, while you explore, heal and journey to become more fully the person you were meant to be as you write the story of your life!

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