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Denver Counseling-Executive Life Coaching

Counseling Therapies Provided

(By Frances Forgione)

Each of us are built with two basic drives in life beyond basic We seek:

The counseling & coaching process involves helping individuals become unstuck from the past, allowing one to live more fully out of the "true self" in the present and providing a hopeful future in terms or both meaningful work and relationships.

Living out of a "true self" means living with the ability to relate & engage with others with integrity - both in personal life and at work. The word "integrity" stems from the Latin adjective "integer" meaning "whole" or "complete". Living out of a true self means:

* to believe that at a very core level, we are unconditionally accepted and valued.

* to expose the lies about ourselves that experiences from the past have left behind.

* to relate to others in a way that is congruent with the value we at the core of our being.

* to pursue careers and interests that match our passions, dreams and the talents to impact the world around us and make a true difference.