Denver Counseling-Executive Life Coaching

Professional Coaching: (By Bill Forgione)

For Companies, Executives, Managers, Supervisors & Employees:

1) Providing individual or group assessments & coaching for targeted areas such as:

Culture Building


Communication Effectiveness


Roles & Accountability

Resource: Time/Tools/Personnel


Department Coordination

On-Boarding Prioritization

Company Commitments

2) Workshops or "Lunch & Learn"s on:

Culture Building


Conflict Resolution

Personality Styles


Healthy Relationships

Stink'in Think'in

For Individual Professional Coaching:

Confidential coaching specific to your professional, as well as personal, life goals:

  • Resume Writing
  • Networking; Job-Hunting Skills
  • Exploring Strengths, Values, Passions, Career Path Choices
  • Interviewing Skills, Coaching & Role-Playing
  • Management Coaching
  • Executive Coaching: Business and Personal
  • Company Culture Building
  • Human Resource Coaching - All Aspects